Floate Design Partners Announces Acquisition of Soupgiant

Ross Floate, principal at Floate Design Partners, was pleased to announce the acquisition of web production firm Soupgiant earlier today.

Soupgiant established itself in 2009 and quickly developed a reputation as a leader in the field of well-designed websites created with extensive thought into user interface design and accessibility issues.

Peter Wilson and Josh Kinal from Soupgiant will now work on staff at Floate Design Partners and form the in-house web development team.

“We started working with Soupgiant in mid 2011,” said Ross Floate, “and were really impressed with their level of professionalism, expertise and commitment to their craft.”

“This marks a new phase in the life of Floate Design Partners. The depth of knowledge and experience that the Soupgiant team brings to Floate will have a huge impact on our web and UI/UX projects, allowing us to create more effective work and to do it more efficiently.”

Josh Kinal from Soupgiant said this was the natural next step for both businesses. “The quality of work that Floate releases,” he said, “is exactly the sort of thing we look for in designers. Ross’s team understands design needs and they are passionate about their work.”

“Working together,” Floate added, “we will be able to take on projects of a scope and scale that we would not have been able to handle as individual entities. This increase in capacity couldn’t have come at a better time for us – Floate had a brilliant year in 2011 and we’re seeing continued, substantial growth already in 2012.”

The last collaboration between the two companies prior to the acquisition was the development of the recently re-launched Floate Design Partners website.

For more information, contact:

Rob Ruminski
03 9606 0866

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  1. Congratulations to both Floate Design and Soupgiant, you guys are going to build amazing things together.

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