Diner vs Deli: Developing the Huxtaburger identity

Rowena Pde Corner Store by Hellblazer

We’re really excited to see Huxtaburger quickly becoming an essential part of the Smith Street landscape: turning out simple but great burgers and cold beer at a rate and quality that impresses everyone who eats there. We had a lot of fun finding the right visual language for them, and they were an active participant in the dialogue.

While the interior design and concept reference the golden era of American burger joints, it was also important to have elements that connected it to classic Australian fast food.

So, in developing the identity we looked around at great examples of vernacular Australian lettering, from tattered plastic milk bar signs and fabulously dimensional hand-painted deli windows, to beer logos on pub facades and faded tobacco brands lingering on inner-city brick walls.

We drew on the blocky sans serif typographic delights hawking Tarax and TipTop, Nuttelex, Capstan and Fosters. We’d like to think some of this flavour soaked into the identity make Huxtaburger feel both brand new, but also like it has always been there.

Photo by Hellblazer and edited to fit

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