ANZ’s Shareholder Review Advances Australian Web Production

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The release of ANZ’s 2012 Shareholder Review marks a great step towards the future of Australian corporate reporting on the web.

The online version of the document, created by Floate Design Partners, is able to be easily read by more people in more situations than ever before.

With a responsive/adaptive approach, the ANZ 2012 Shareholder Review is designed to work equally well on all devices.

“The key is to have all the content available but packaged with a view to how the audience is likely to be reading it,” said Ross Floate, principal of the design firm.

“We’re particularly proud of the tablet version of the site. It displays like a magazine for the executive summary, allowing the reader to swipe through the pages before reaching a table of contents,” he added.

This online release comes one month following Floate’s creation of Origin Energy’s 2012 Shareholder Review and Sustainability Report.

Both reporting releases display the understanding by major Australian companies that the web is vital for communication to stakeholders and customers and that new technologies need to be taken up if local organisations are to keep up with foreign markets.

Responsive design is the use of a single source of content with different designs provided to all devices based on their screen size and whether they identify as mobile, tablet or desktop.

“The technologies that make this work are still very new and we’re testing their limits with these designs,” said Josh Kinal, Floate’s Strategy and Content Director.

“For the next three years, we’re going to see a huge shift in the way documents are created for online viewing. It’s an exciting time.”

See ANZ’s 2012 Shareholder Review at

Origin Energy’s 2012 reports are available at

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