Research Together with Erika Hall of Mule Design — Melbourne on 9 September.

Earlier this year we were pleased to work together with our friends at Mule Design to bring Mike Monteiro’s “Presenting Design Like Your Life Depends On It” to Melbourne’s design and UX community.

Erika Hall speaking at An Event Apart. Image by Jeffrey Zeldman

Next up, Erika Hall, author of the shortest (and in my opinion, best) book on research “Just Enough Research” is going to be showing us all how to Research Together in Melbourne on 9 September.

The workshop will cover the most practical approaches for anyone busy doing other things. And show you how to fit research into virtually any timeline, type of organization, or process.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use research in any organization, budget, team, or timeframe
  • Identify and formulate your key questions (Hint: they’re not the ones you think they are.)
  • Choose research methods and activities
  • Master the art of the interview
  • Think as a team to get the best insights from your data
  • Digest, report, and share insights so that none get lost or go to waste
  • Convince skeptics of the value of being a skeptic
  • Cultivate practical curiosity throughout your company

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who participates in the design and development of any type of product or service will benefit. Designer, developer, writer, product manager, researcher — whatever your role you’ll learn how to work with your team to make better decisions faster. If you’re an independent consultant or freelancer, you’ll learn how to get your clients to understand the value of research.

The workshop is being held at Melbourne’s Kelvin Club on 9 September and tickets are available now. Come along and learn why knowledge is best when shared.

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