About Us

We maintain an impressive client list because of the way we work.

Over the last two decades, Floate Design Partners saw the design industry change from expectations of graphics and style to expectations of usability and return visits.

We work on digital products, like apps and websites, or printed material like billboards or shareholder reviews.

We don’t subscribe to any one popularised philosophy of design. Instead we put in hard work to make sure that our clients get what they need.

That hard work goes right at the front of the project, researching everything we can possibly know about the client, the product and the position in the market it’s going to take.

We stay with the project from inception through to delivery and onto maintenance. This way there is always knowledge about the product moving with it. Our knowledge about how it works grows with our clients and their products.

Research, hypothesise, implement, test and revisit: that’s how we work.

We don’t hide from our clients. We like them to be as involved as possible in the process. Sometimes we work on-site. Sometimes they come to visit us.

We produce wireframes and prototypes. We print things up large and put them on walls. We draw on whiteboards. We cross things out.

And we’ll show you all of this.

Because design isn’t about making something look pretty at the end. It’s the process of making something that works. It’s hard and it involves difficult decisions.

Those are decisions we will help you through.

That’s our job. That’s who we are.

  • Hitchens von Poopsmith

    In an office full of designers, it’s tough to have a team member who demands more attention than anyone else. His signature studded collar displays a tough exterior but Hitchens von Poopsmith prefers to be playful and entertaining, reserving his display of the full set of teeth for the rare occasion when he demands to be taken seriously.

    Hitch has taken on the unofficial role of morale officer, lightening the mood whenever needed. He also helps the team be constantly aware of what’s going on around them.

    He’s been through the wars a bit since this photo was taken, but he’s tough and he lives to play and snore.

    His favourite game is “Guess What Choking Hazard I Have in My Mouth”.