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Bivouac: Bringing Identity to Simplicity

Edited: December 17th, 2013. Bivouac is no longer available, please visit to download a full-featured mobile app.

We’ve just released Bivouac, a small iOS tool we’ve been using internally for the past few months. It’s a simple todo browser and checker for your Basecamp account. It’s not a very complicated app, but we’ve found its count-on-one-hand feature set makes it ideal keeping up to date with our task lists with ease. You can find out more about it at our dedicated mini site or download it for free on the App Store.

Bivouac’s design was always meant to be as clean as possible, consisting of a very simple gesture system and two logical methods of displaying your to-dos. The app’s visual design mirrors this approach as much as possible, favouring simplicity over skeuomorphism or visual over-design. But as we developed the app and started to test it on a daily basis, we realised that the stark minimalistic nature of the product had a certain unfinished or empty feel to it. We found that although it was useful, the experience was mundane. We realised that  we needed to give it personality, something to differentiate it from other productivity apps.

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Three Ways To Make Hospitality Websites Better

Three Ways To Make Hospitality Websites Better

Plenty of people have spoken eloquently and hilariously about what is wrong with hospitality websites, but getting it right isn’t rocket surgery, and it shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Over the years we’ve learned a few things both through our work and because we’re a studio full of people who enjoy good food and local watering holes. Here are our three commandments of good hospitality websites:

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ANZ’s Shareholder Review Advances Australian Web Production

Media release

The release of ANZ’s 2012 Shareholder Review marks a great step towards the future of Australian corporate reporting on the web.

The online version of the document, created by Floate Design Partners, is able to be easily read by more people in more situations than ever before.

With a responsive/adaptive approach, the ANZ 2012 Shareholder Review is designed to work equally well on all devices.

“The key is to have all the content available but packaged with a view to how the audience is likely to be reading it,” said Ross Floate, principal of the design firm.

“We’re particularly proud of the tablet version of the site. It displays like a magazine for the executive summary, allowing the reader to swipe through the pages before reaching a table of contents,” he added.

This online release comes one month following Floate’s creation of Origin Energy’s 2012 Shareholder Review and Sustainability Report.

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How To View Clients

Less-than-constructive criticism towards clients is often encouraged within the creative & client services communities.

We’ve seen “experts” who pander to our worst instincts rewarded by a parade of praising tweets, reinforcing the “us vs them” mentality.

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Designing with Sensitivity and Purpose

Recently Floate had the privilege of working with headspace, Australia’s National Youth Mental Health Foundation. The challenge was to design an infographic for the headspace Facebook page in time for World Suicide Prevention Day.

The ‘big idea’ behind the design required lots of iterations to deal with all the nuance and sensitivity around the issue. Conceptually the design had to be strong but not too assertive, alluding to suggestions of suicide without depicting it.

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