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Let’s move away from Photoshop

Static visuals fail by definition.

Andrew Clarke

Designing static Photoshop comps, or even wireframes may not be the most efficient way of producing a website. This top-down, waterfall process fails to accurately investigate the needs for a website design.

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Goodbye Bivouac

We are sad to see you go…

Sadly, we are no longer supporting our iOS Basecamp app ‘Bivouac’.

We created Bivouac before the launch of Basecamp’s mobile app, or even their mobile website. We needed a clean and concise list of our upcoming tasks to refer to when not at our desks, or even at our desks without the need to stop what we were doing on screen.

With the launch of 37signals Basecamp app, and their mobile website, our product’s usefulness has been outlived.

We’d like to thank everybody who used Bivouac for their support, check out Basecamp Mobile for a fully featured alternative.

The New Floate: branding, responsive design and progressive enhancement.

Floate Rebrand: Our New Website

I’m very proud to announce our launch of the new We have redeveloped our brand and identity, and created an entirely new website.

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