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Pick up the &%#$& phone!

Pick Up The &^%$&^%$ Phone

I spend a lot of time lamenting the unwillingness of designers to get on the telephone and actually talk to clients or suppliers. Apparently so does Greg Storey at Happy Cog. He recently wrote a great post about it and rather than re-hash it, we thought we’d make a nice motivational poster. Greg, hope you see this, and hope you like it.

Illustration by our own Marty Cook.

Merlin Mann on Budgets

I’ve written before on budgets. So has Mike Monteiro over at Mule. Today, Merlin Mann posted a big piece about the business of being a professional speaker. You should read it. Merlin’s a fun writer with a direct approach. The key quote is this one –

In the best of cases, “we don’t know the budget” people have simply not done their own planning or due diligence, and they should be regarded with extraordinary care and suspicion. Projects have budgets or they aren’t projects.

That last sentence is key.

Floate at Random Hacks of Kindness

We recently participated with DiUS for their efforts at Random Hacks of Kindness. Daryl Wilding-McBride wrote about it at the DiUS website.

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The Nudge helps us think about clients.

The Nudge logo

We told you to save the date and now we’re telling you why.

The Nudge is a night about getting to know how clients think, what they think about working with designers, and how everybody can work together to make everything better.

Short interviews followed by a few beers and some mingling is exactly what we need.

Find out more at The first guest is Jayne Lewis from Two Birds Brewing and you can RSVP through Eventbrite.

Also,feel free to leave your wallet and your car at home. We’re covering the cost of the beers for this one.

Steampunk Blogging: an interview with Ross Floate

Steampunk Blogging: an interview with Ross Floate

Matt Levinson recently interviewed me about And Now It’s In Print, and the interview has ended up on his blog This Is Possible.

As per normal, I ramble a bit too much, but I think this remains my most stridently held view about the value of newspapers.

There’s something we get from newspapers that people don’t realise. What people think they’re buying when they buy a newspaper is the news that’s in it. In fact, the value of a newspaper is what’s left out.

Thanks to Matt for taking the time and for being interested in the project.