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Pick up the &%#$& phone!

Pick Up The &^%$&^%$ Phone

I spend a lot of time lamenting the unwillingness of designers to get on the telephone and actually talk to clients or suppliers. Apparently so does Greg Storey at Happy Cog. He recently wrote a great post about it and rather than re-hash it, we thought we’d make a nice motivational poster. Greg, hope you see this, and hope you like it.

Illustration by our own Marty Cook.

Congratulations to a new old client

There have been some changes at Melbourne jeweller Kozminsky in the past year, and one of the results has been that former Kozminsky director Ben Albrecht has struck out on his own to create a vibrant new business.

Launching a new business is challenging, and we wanted to help Ben to make his fine jewellery and services as visible as possible. In addition to the creation of a simple and timeless brand, we created and built a website as beautiful as the jewellery that features on it.

Take a look at the new Ben Albrecht Jewellery website – it looks as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop computer or tablet.

Just don’t blame us if you end up buying yourself something special.

Empathy is the soul of design

There’s been a lot of attention to Jack Dorsey’s recent realisation that ‘users’ is a terrible term and that Square (but not Twitter it seems) should change the way it describes the people who use its products and services.

Great. I mean it. This is great.

‘Users’ is a terrible term. Designers and developers employ the word ‘users’ when they’re thinking of the idiots they have to pre-empt, work around, and otherwise fix things for. ‘Users’ is a hostile label, spat out by people who don’t shave below their jawline. I’m happy to see it go.

Replacing it with ‘customers’ is a step in the right direction, and I have to applaud Dorsey for taking that step. But it still doesn’t go far enough for designers. See, ‘customer’ is still primarily a commerce-based designation. Think of people as customers (it is better than consumers) and you’re thinking of their wallet first, and everything else a distant second.

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Let’s kill the Inspiration Fairy.

I want to ruin something for you. Are you sitting down? Great.

Here’s the truth. Creating new things is work. Rewarding work, sure. But work. Hard work.

It’s nothing else.

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How To View Clients

Less-than-constructive criticism towards clients is often encouraged within the creative & client services communities.

We’ve seen “experts” who pander to our worst instincts rewarded by a parade of praising tweets, reinforcing the “us vs them” mentality.

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