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Next steps for using information from Victoria’s Smart Meters. Insight and actions beat data dumps every time.


The Smart Electricity Meter (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) rollout is starting to pay data dividends for Victorian electricity users.

Beginning with the Jemena Electricity Outlook Portal (on which we worked with DiUS) and most recently with Origin Energy’s revamped Origin Smart, Victorian energy distributors and retailers have worked hard to deliver energy-use data so their customers can make better-informed decisions about their energy use.

Instead of data, they need to deliver value.

The portals tend toward the same type of information display — a dashboard of bar and pie charts that show energy use over hours, days and weeks. It’s data, sure, but is it enough?

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Let’s kill the Inspiration Fairy.

I want to ruin something for you. Are you sitting down? Great.

Here’s the truth. Creating new things is work. Rewarding work, sure. But work. Hard work.

It’s nothing else.

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What we talk about when we talk about creativity

Creativity, like art, love, football, and pizza, is a term that means slightly different things to different people. Chicago-style pizza is awful, but I still recognise that it’s pizza. It’s just not pizza as I choose to define it. You follow me? Good.

Creativity, to my mind, is the process of explaining the world to itself by making new things. And for me, this happens by being attuned to the thin threads of meaning between seemingly unrelated objects and ideas. The job of the creative person is to demonstrate to the world that these threads exist and that they may have more power than is immediately apparent.

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