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Network effects

A major consideration when locating a design studio is the catchment area for potential employees. If you want to hire the best staff, you want to have a location both that people want to travel to, and also that people are able to travel to. That’s why Floate is located in Melbourne’s central business district. Our office is across the road from a railway station on the City Loop, and is within 5 minutes walk of every major tram line. This place is convenient.

But that convenience comes at a cost. Rent and other on-costs mean that the price of simply opening the doors each day is equivalent to hiring another designer. Additionally, we are limited to the pool of potential employees who live within about an hour of the city, or who live near public transport. Melbourne is a notoriously congested city, and nobody smart enough to work here is stupid enough to drive into the city every day.

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Save the Date

After having quite a few chats amongst ourselves and some of our associates about the kinds of design events we’d like to see in Melbourne, we decided to try something new.

We’ll unveil the details over the coming days, but in the meantime, if you want to:

• Enjoy a few drinks in the company of your colleagues;
• Hear a brief interview with two exciting local entrepreneurs; and
• Have an informal chat about the intersection of business and design;

you should mark your calendars now:

WHEN: Wednesday, 29 February, 6:00 PM
WHERE: The Rainbow Hotel, 27 St. David St., Fitzroy

It’s not merely social. It’s not just networking. It’s not a seminar. We call it The Nudge, because we think the design community can always push ourselves to be a little bit better.

We hope to see you there.