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The Ride-right postcards as part of the Amy Gillet Foundation print campaign

Australia’s cycling-related injuries and fatalities is a goal we can all support. Sometimes animosity between motorists and cyclists can lead to dangerous behaviour by both.

We worked closely with Amy Gillett Foundation with a singular goal to encourage motorists and bike riders to be considerate when sharing the road. Our campaign was simple : It’s all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

The campaign included forty illustrated safe rules to live by on the road. Our slightly playful approach to the serious subject kept viewers engaged and educated.

Using a bright, optimistic colour-palette and fun characters, our vision extended towards a future harmonious state. The print campaign worked hard across road-side billboards, pocket- size z-cards and postcards to be seen by all users of the road.

Restrictive deadlines related to external calendars for media and marketing third parties meant communication with our client was key for illustration amendments and approvals by all the AGF stakeholders.

All the details included in each image are limited to what was considered vital to quickly promote a message to an audience on the move.

The illustrations and designs were used in major campaigns throughout Australia.