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To design and engineer a set of complex content and data with an accessible, cross-platform and enjoyable user interface.


With a relatively short turnaround time, we had to deliver a fully responsive site which encapsulated very complex content. Additionally, the client was moving towards an updated visual language, so the annual review was the first implementation of this language using real content.



ANZ 2012 Responsive Design

We worked closely with stakeholders to ensure the proposed visual language was implemented correctly. Incorporating their feedback, we prototyped different interface concepts to determine ideal interaction designs.

Through this process we came to focus on the tablet execution as the anchor point of the project as a whole. Tablets provide a natural digital interface for long-form publications, and given the rise of mobile browser stats across the board, everyone involved felt that this was the most natural approach.

ANZ 2012 Tablet Covers

We also put a lot of time and energy into getting the typography right, to ensure that the content wouldn’t suffer at different sizes and layouts. By approaching this work as both a web design and publication design project, we were able to draw from the best aspects of both disciplines to make sure that the content was served effectively and appropriately.


We managed to turn around a very complex responsive site using a heretofore untested visual language on time and to spec, and we delivered an experience that is at the cutting edge of online annual report design in Australia.


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