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One of the unusual things about Floate in the current environment is that we remain a resolutely full-service agency. We create solutions to our clients’ problems, choosing the methods, media and tools appropriate to deliver the right result.

That’s allowed us to work on some fantastic projects, but few as exciting as the 2013 ANZ Reporting Suite. We worked hand in glove with the bank’s Investor Relations department to create narratives (both written and visual) to flow through the printed Shareholder Review, the Online Shareholder Review, and later, the Corporate Responsibility Review.

As well as being a design and narrative challenge, there were also the issues of compressed time, with the Online Review being due little over a week after sending the print Review to bed. In this case, doing both jobs simultaneously allowed us to sidestep any issues, sharing assets, designs, and ideas around the studio as we worked on all aspects of the projects.

That sharing and collaboration was key to delivering the suite that told the 2013 ANZ story to its stakeholders, whether they read it in paper, on their phone, on a tablet, or or their pc. One story, many devices—even paper.