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Various devices displaying Clover Moore's new website

Floate was honoured to be selected to produce the new website for Sydney’s long-term Lord Mayor, Clover Moore. Her history of caring and nurturing her city from its pragmatic roots into a vibrant hub of culture and commerce with a view to true sustainability reflected our own views of urbanisation. We knew it would be a great match.

The existing site had served well for several years but advances in technology in the last couple of years meant the site wasn’t keeping up with Clover Moore’s online profile: She was communicating with her constituents on Instagram, Vine, Twitter and Facebook as well as maintaining her old email newsletters.

A complete rebuild was called for, but we kept WordPress as the content management system so that the years of previous content could be easily transferred and maintained.

The change in technology was a major factor in the rebuild, so it made sense to approach the redesign with a mobile-first attitude, responsively scaling up to desktop-sized views.

The intention was to keep the Lord Mayor’s personality at the forefront: The bright colours she wears and is associated with are throughout the site, highlighting not only her demeanour but also her independence as a politician.

Physically the site is built as a collected stream of all of Clover Moore’s activity on different social media as well as publishing on her own website and articles written about her in different online media.

This means that constituents, fans and other interested individuals can keep up with everything Sydney’s head councillor is involved in and be aware of the big issues facing the city.

The result is a website that accurately represents Sydney’s longest-running Lord Mayor and the issues facing the city she loves in a convenient form that encourages the people of the city to keep returning.