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Under the guidance of their CTO Daryl Wilding-McBride, DiUS Computing has focussed on delivering the right technology for every project they deliver. Producing an annual Technology Report is a way of making sure that focus remains part of the DiUS DNA.

DiUS wanted something innovative, something memorable, and something a little bit cooler than the booklets we’d produced in prior years. So we developed an innovative booklet that unfolds into a poster – all from one sheet of paper. When it’s folded as a booklet, you can read about all of the insights DiUS has gleaned over the past year.



Unfold the book, though, and you get something special.


Inside, there’s a massive poster, outlining the technology stacks Daryl and his team think are best practise in various streams of work.




Interested in the DiUS Technology Report? You probably should be, so download it at the DiUS website.