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So what were the challenges?

The main challenge was to make sure this portal took the term ‘user-friendly’ to new heights. It had to be accessible to all Jemena customers, so that meant accommodating people with many differing levels of web literacy – from a 15 year-old computer geek to old Aunt Maisy who still thinks a ‘mouse’ is a pest (and other such clichés).

As with all new technologies, Smart Meters had been something of a contentious issue for most people and the media, so the portal needed to demonstrate the advantages of smart meter usage, making a solid case through experience for the conversion from analogue meters.

This was a huge challenge in itself, but we were up to it.

How did we overcome these challenges?

Jemena widgets

We put our heads together with DiUS and designed a portal that came specifically from a consumer’s point of view, which, we believe, is the secret to its success.
The portal features:

  • Large buttons and limited functionality to make the site appear less daunting for inexperienced web users;
  • Data upfront presented as easy-on-the-eye graphics that give an instant snapshot of energy usage. The user can then view weekly, monthly, seasonal or annual usage figures;
  • Very big ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrows indicating whether consumption and cost have increased or decreased over the last period;
  • A pie graph representing the ratio of peak to off-peak usage;
  • The option to drill deeper into data, like comparisons to the overall usage of the customer’s suburb, and actual figures showing the increase or decrease of the customer’s costs;
  • More buttons for drilling even deeper into functionality – such as setting usage targets, viewing graphs that compare actual usage to desired usage, and also allowing users to input their own tariffs to give a better account of costs at different times.

And how did it come together?

Mission accomplished: Floate successfully delivered a web portal design that offered a gentle introduction into the concept of Smart Meters.

Jemena Smart Portal

Customers are now benefitting from our simple navigation – as well as the ability to view usage on a daily basis, as opposed to quarterly, and enjoy greater control over their electricity usage in a cost and environmentally-conscious manner.

Jemena is very happy with the results, and so are we.