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Origin reporting suite as seen on ipad and laptop

Origin Energy faced an interesting change in their reporting in 2013. With the goal of moving their sustainability reporting to a more natural process, we allowed this concept to guide the design of the entire online reporting suite.

We built on the “Every Day” theme of the printed Shareholder Review to give a sense of timeliness to the design.

The Sustainability reporting site lands on an interactive timeline showing Origin’s activity throughout the year and giving the visitor the opportunity to drill down into deeper information elsewhere in the site.

Improving access to information was one of Origin’s goals. It was important to them to make sure visitors could find their way to all the Global Reporting Initiative data required. So we designed a cross-referencing system to allow easy navigation between indicators and material aspects.

The end result was a coherent and comprehensive reporting suite incorporating financial reporting, sustainability and the Origin Foundation.
The Origin site as seen on an iphone