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The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Project is a monumental health care and health research project currently being undertaken by the State of Victoria. Construction commenced in 2011 and it is slated for completion in 2015.

In essence, Victoria is putting its leading cancer research and treatment organisations ‘under one roof’ in order to share the knowledge and expertise of a number of hospitals while creating a patient-centric treatment model.

This project required the creation of a visual identity that reflected the multifaceted nature of the organisation, and one for the project itself.


We saw the two identities as temporally linked. Once the construction project is complete, the hospital will commence operations, and the identity of the hospital itself will subsume that of the project.

We developed two related but distinct devices based upon the visual language of Melbourne, the tessellated triangle, and linked the two with colour and typography.

The VCCC Project logo is being used right now, and the Hospital’s logo will be rolled out over the coming years.