After almost two decades in the design business we’ve seen a number of changes come through the industry. New technologies and workflows have helped designers and clients work more closely together than ever before.

That’s why we’re developing a series of workshops to help designers, the people who hire them and the people who need to work with them closely.

​These workshops will lead to a much better understanding of what’s possible, how to get the most out of the work and how to prepare for the professional design’s future.

Presenting Design Like Your Life Depends on it (with Mike Monteiro)

Mike Monteiro from San Francisco’s Mule Design Studio knows how to present design. During this workshop, we’ll cover effective presentation techniques including: how to take charge of a room, how to turn your research and data into a good story, how to map your work to the objectives of your business or client, how to ask for the right kind of feedback, and more importantly, how to avoid getting feedback you don’t really need!